anyone a medium or psychic or similar?

@DIXIE444 (123)
United States
January 1, 2007 10:59pm CST
I have had times that I have made a slight connection to deceased family members. I was working at a large bookstore last year and I was in the back of the store, this lady walks up to me and says "can you help me", I say "sure" and start walking her to the front of the store and directly to the tarot cards area. I then realized that she never told me what she was looking for. Oh goodness, I thought. She then proceeds to tell me that I have "the gift" but I am afraid to use it. She told me some weird but true things about myself that she should not have known. She knew that I had a hysterectomy, she knew that I have problems with swelling in one of my ankles, she knew that I had back surgery, she knew that I could connect with some of my deceased family members. Is this crazy? If I do have the "gift" of connecting with others passed, I want to know more.
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• United States
5 Feb 07
No, it's not crazy. It's actually a lot more common than you would think and there have been hundreds of books written about the subject. You might want to do some internet research and perhaps check amazon for books that talk about how to strengthen and embrace this gift.
@rusty2rusty (6769)
• Defiance, Ohio
4 Feb 07
No, it is not crazy. I believe it is a gift. Some people think it is a womans intutition or we were told. But I understand where you are coming from. As I also have the gift. Sometimes I just know things. I don't know how..but I do. My husband is aware of this. He even tells people about my gift.
@roopsimi (50)
• Australia
14 Jan 07
psychic abilities do exist and as in most things, it improves with practice, so if u want to check out yours just keep using it all u can . maintain a diary for the times when u use it or try it and faithfully record imp. details and incidents as well as insights that u recieve. also record when some insight prooves to be true. soon u'll know how things stand. good luck and believe in urself.
@chiyosan (29383)
• Philippines
12 Jan 07
it could be a gift. do not ignore and do not be scared. if you can help people, why not do it with what you are given with.