What do you think about today politics?

September 29, 2006 8:16am CST
comments on politics are welcome..
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@flowerchilde (12538)
• United States
29 Sep 06
It's my wish that the bickering would stop. You can hardly tell what the truth is, because everybody keeps vilifying the other party. Of course, vilifying the other party, I guess, is the easiest way to get votes. But I'd rather hear their ideas on things, than all this name calling, etc. Which is what I think has been going on for a long time. The Kenneth Starr investigation, didn't help things at all. Sure, many folks didn't like the idea of the Prez' messin' with a 20 year old in the oval office, and then, worse from a legal aspect, was the fibbing/defense about it, but the whole Starr investigation just made for bitterness and was ridiculous. Then on top of that was the 2000 election dispute. You simply must have the electoral votes, otherwise only New York and California would be deciding all issues, for their populations are so high. And we do still have farmers and rural folks who have different concerns, than the city folks. Anyway, these days, what with terrorism having increased by 50% in the 90's (50%!) and madmen looking for weapons of mass destroying (including Saddam, that info just got drowned out, but his general wrote an expose` book!) It's very possible that in a matter of time, the madmen and the terrorists who speak the same goals, just may share those weapons of mass destruction, which can fit in suitcases and smaller. I'm just afraid all this bickering consuming our leaders, will find us hit broadside by surprise. It's crazy! As for social matters, again, all bickering. Can't sit at the table and listen to the concerns of one another, just ridicule each one's concerns. And thus nothing gets done, or resolved. For instance, why not strengthen civil unions for gay couples? Instead it's either or. Either no legal union whatsoever, or, change the very definition of marriage, even if so many folks are very concerned over the effect to society. Give me moderation, most of the time! Like abortion. Why try to outlaw Roe vs Wade? Like that's going to work! I believe both sides to the debates (except for some doctors) would agree that preconception birth control is infinitely preferable. So why not all work toward this? But at the head of my concerns, which seems to be getting very little attention, is this "eminent domain" issue, where the supreme court a while back said it's now okay to confiscate people's land, offering them whatever money they deem fair, for not only construction of schools or highways, but for development! If the town can get more taxes from a developer developing your land, is all the qualification needed! Doesn't this now mean that the government owns all the land? Man oh man, this needs to be changed back the way it used to be, and fast. Well, that's about all I can think of right now. Except looking at the criminal system and crimes, and the schools, makes me think we've made some bad choices in policy there, and I'm very much concerned we will make the very same mistakes in our policies on terrorism.
15 Oct 06
I can tell you feel very passionate. :)
15 Oct 06
That polics resemble a playground far too much. You have those who bully, those who suck up, those you'll stand up against the bully making the line between bully and saviour hard to distinguish.