how to enlarge my biseps

@vyaasrad (568)
January 3, 2007 9:52pm CST
i have been working in the gym for three full years i have tried many workouts to make my biseps big and round but it remains relatively small and not much attractive please advice me on possible diet and innovative workouts to get the size i desire
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• India
5 Jan 07
The biceps are the prominent pair of muscles on the front of the upper arm connecting the shoulder to the elbow - and are used in everything from turning a key to lifting heavy boxes. Here is a simple exercise to build or define your biceps. Instructions STEP 1: Grasp a dumbbell in each hand with a relaxed grip. STEP 2: Choose a weight lighter than 15 pounds. If you're a beginner, start with 3- to 5-pound weights. STEP 3: Stand with your back straight, knees slightly bent, abdominal muscles contracted. Your feet should be flat on the floor and shoulder width apart. STEP 4: Hold the weights at your sides, keeping your arms relaxed and your palms facing inward. STEP 5: Starting with your left side, turn your wrist so that your palm faces forward. STEP 6: Slowly raise the weight by bending your elbow. Keep your back straight, your shoulder relaxed and your elbow close to your side. STEP 7: Slowly raise the weight until your knuckles are 3 or 4 inches away from your left shoulder. STEP 8: Concentrate on contracting the biceps. Hold this position for 1 to 2 seconds. STEP 9: Slowly lower the weight back to its original position and turn your palm inward. Focus on squeezing the biceps. STEP 10: Repeat the exercise on the right side. STEP 11: The entire movement of each arm should last 5 seconds. Don't let the momentum do the lifting for you. STEP 12: Keep your back straight and your shoulder steady while letting your biceps do the work. STEP 13: Do one to three sets of eight to twelve repetitions for each arm
4 Jan 07
how much do you workout? do you work your biceps everyday? if so you will be overtraining you should only work a muscle group once a week aspecialy you biceps as they get hit on otherdays aswell the recovery time after training plays a big part in building muscle do you get enoth sleep ? you need atleast 8 hours a night your muscles use this time to repair themself protein dose play a big part in it if you dont get enoth in you diet then protein drinks can help but as said above these should not be used as a replacement to a good diet just to suplement the diet i use a product called whey protein powder after my workouts (its naturall not steriods like people think its taken from milk) a good full body workout will be better than just training biceps the 1 i use (and alot of bodybuilders i train with is monday back and biceps deadlifts lat pulldowns (or chinups if you can do them ) dumbell or barbell rows barbell curl wendsday chest shoulders triceps bench press military press dip skullcrushers friday legs and abs squat still leg deadlifts calf raise barbell side bend seated barbell twist dumbell side bend i do it in 3 sets of 8 reps so 24 lifts for each workout plus situps & stretching and a coule of light lifts as a warm up which is very important to avoide injury use the rest of the week to recover a couple of pro bodybuilders i know started out with that workout and recomended it to me to find out more about your diet and training check out a site like there some good guys (and women) over there that will be able to help you out
@vikhram (202)
• India
4 Jan 07
The issue might have been yo tried doin work out on Biceps daily... A known issue which will tighten the muscles but not increase the size.. Exercises can be divided into manual and hydraulic manual exercises are traditional exercises like Dumbbells. Hydraulic are done with a pulley which exerts a pulll force on the part worked out So try alternating exercises and dont do Biceps daily it aint worth it. It never increases in size .. As for the protein No issues yo get protein from your food ..So dont go for shakes
@snoopy12 (468)
• Philippines
4 Jan 07
Try drinking protein shakes or any high protein drinks.