I'm a hypocrite.

United States
January 4, 2007 2:25am CST
I think we all are to some degree or another. But that's not the point of this post. I realize that it's really hard to not be a hypocrite, especially when you are so passionate about things, and you find that there are so many closed-minded people in the world, and that there are so many loud uneducated people in the world. I believe in a strong ethic of Love, based on the ecclectic teachings of Christ, the Buddha, and Wiccan beliefs. And yet, sometimes, particularly here on myLot I catch myself being rude to those who are extremely biased. I find myself getting angry at those who are: completely anti-God, Christian extremist, completely American hating, self-righteous Americans, racists, sexists, extreme feminists, Islamic extremists, absolute hedonists, absolute Puritans, etc., so on and so forth. And I realize that when I get angry at these people, that I am, in effect, becoming what I do not like about them, and forgetting my own principles of Love, tolerance, patience, self-control, moderation, temperance, being the example, kindness, etc. What are some things you do, to catch yourself--so that you do not act in a hypocritical way? How do you contain yourself when you are angry? The world is my teacher. I Am open to your suggestions.
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