@Victoria7 (1242)
September 29, 2006 12:14pm CST
I see at least two people have managed to refer an amazing amount of people. How did you do that? Over 200 people?!! I invited about 20 and none of them will join!
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• United States
7 Dec 06
I have 3 referrals, one has actually begun posting discussions and responding to them as well. The other 2 have not done anything with their account. I would like to refer more people, but the people that I would invite do not like to participate in sites like Mylot.
@heartonfire (4131)
• Denmark
3 Dec 06
tell me about it...i invited some of my friends but only 4 of them actually joined and they are all lazy and gave up...i am the only working person hehe
@acdc0805 (981)
• United States
9 Oct 06
They could have gotten people to sign up, but that doens't mean too much. Those people may or may have not posted anything to even make them its really hard to tell ;)
@loved1 (5336)
• United States
9 Oct 06
I noticed the people with the large number of referrals as well. How in the world can that happen? I have invited a few people as well and nobody has joined. I wonder what their secret is.