Is action good with comedy or without ?

January 8, 2007 4:07am CST
We have noticed Jackie in his movies as a guy who always love to mix action and comedy where as at the same time we also have Bruce lee who loved to fight without any expressions or a rather serious face... what would u like to see sad face or comic face?
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• India
9 Jan 07
comedy is most important. without comedy jackie was fail
• India
9 Jan 07
@desi8989 (120)
2 Dec 11
His films are more interesting as a fun show so if you are sad destroy the very character.
• United States
11 Jul 08
I have to agree with the majority. Action is much better with comedy mixed in. Haha. Sometimes action gets too boring for me if it's serious. (Although, there are a few like that out there that I really like.) Jackie Chan is a mastermind behind his action movies. Especially since he does his own stunts as well.
@akrockz (306)
• India
11 Jul 08
Action with comedy suits jackie... but not for bruce lee...
@camaroz28 (326)
• Italy
2 Feb 07
I think comedy is very important, especially during the action scenes. It makes the movie please to children too, the fight scenes appear less violent than in serious movies, they seem more like a play than a fight.
@czyrus (35)
• Philippines
2 Feb 07
i think action can alse be good without comedy, like jet lee's movie, most of his movie are serious. but it can be more good with comedy, it's like, action + comedy = jackie chan movies.. he he
• Germany
1 Feb 07
action without comedy is more boring than counting in school the holes in the ceiling ^^ thats why Jackie is that much loved from people all over the world, he's cool and funny at the same time. Just imagine Terminator without Arnies funny sentences, that would be more than boring except for the actionfreaks, well not negative meant. I love the part in Mission Adler where they are in the windtunnel and he wants to fly but the girls turn the fan to late on and he falls down XD
@jotace (2094)
• Spain
29 Jan 07
I like to watch Jackie Chan's movies with comedy, because in the movie industry there are many fighting films but, for me, almost all of them are very monotonous. And with Jackie's action-comedy movies I can have more fun and I also prefer to see a smile rather than a serious face. But in my opinion Bruce Lee's films are good too.
@rekkusu (603)
26 Jan 07
In jakie chan films the comedy is the most importamt part Because without the humour he just becomes another martial artist who doesnt compare to bruce lee
@dexterous21 (1180)
• Philippines
9 Jan 07
For me, action is good with comedy. Jackie Chan movies are really very nice movies and they make me laugh. It is educational for quite sometime and helps removes stress.