Fasting and praying

@drmt57 (295)
United States
January 8, 2007 12:29pm CST
what do you think about fasting and praying, do you think it helpful, if so how and if not why not.
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@katyzzz (2902)
• Australia
20 Jan 07
I think fasting is ridiculous, prayer is very helpful
@simran1430 (1793)
• India
20 Jan 07
The practice of fasting is one of the most ancient customs. It is followed in almost every religion. The Mohammedan, the Buddhists, the Hindus and many others have their periods of strict fasting. The saints of medieval times laid great stress on this method . The common cause of all diseases is the accumulation of waste and poisonous matter in the body which results from overeating. The majority of persons eat too much and follow sedentary occupations which do not permit sufficient and proper exercise for utilisation of this large quantity of food. This surplus overburdens the digestive and assimulative organs and clogs up the system with impurities or poisons. Digestion and elimination become slow and the functional activity of the whole system gets deranged.