What is your reason to be in myLot

3d Human - 3D Human, virtual reality
January 10, 2007 8:45am CST
Why are you in myLot? Is it because you don't have anything else to do? Or is it for fun after work? Or are you a stay at home mom? What makes people to stay over here? What are the strategies you use? And who has the most referals in myLot?
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@Piratesware (2891)
• Indonesia
10 Jan 07
well keep post I think
• United States
10 Jan 07
I am a writer. MyLot gives me a place to meet and learn about people all over the world. I am expanding my horizons an mining a lot of information to enhance my audience.
@Deane_2005 (1644)
• Philippines
10 Jan 07
I happen to get this site from another website, i got curious at first then i register when I know my works will surely be paid of. It's really nice to know that you will get paid for just answering and posting discussions. All your hard work will be paid for. And topics here are nice and its like talking to people across the universe.
@gigarange (1165)
• United States
10 Jan 07
I am in mylot because a friend of mine tols me that myLot is a great site and it pays so I joined too. I am a work at home mother so reason is a combination of fun and earning. Maybe some people earned good here or are enjoying it here so they stay, like I do. Strategies? Nothing really..I just post replies. Don't know who has most referrals. It is shown at the very bottom in the left side corner of this page but I don't bother to check.
• India
10 Jan 07