Are you Married and your spouse is lazy

United States
January 11, 2007 9:56am CST
Im a 21 yr old guy, I have been with a girl(20) for over 3 years. she was in high school and i was just out of high school. I am by no means a womanizer. However i fell like im getting no help and no matter what discussions we have had it does not seem to improve. Im not so much a neat freak but i do like to pick up after my self. i dont like when people come over and see a messy house plus i just like the feeling of living in a clean home. She on the other hand does not seem to think shes messy. so i am trying to figure out if im just mean or what. ex: she will make something to eat and leave everything out that she used,,, even the napkin she used to wipe her mouth. And were not talking about dinner. I cook dinner and clean the mess up afterwards. Laundry? thats a no no she does not do laundry often. Dishes?? maybe 3 times in the pass 3 years! she was like this when i met her but i though maybe she would grow out of it with age. Our realtionship is excellent. We are very open and honest with each other. I cant point out any problems that we have except house work. She can go to someone elses house (her dad or moms) and wash there dishes but she hates doing her own. Anybody in a simialr position or have been in it??? Let me know how you fixed it or if you just kept forgetting about it!
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@lsen06 (5000)
• India
12 Jan 07
yes, she is very lazy.
@onesiobhan (1330)
• Canada
11 Jan 07
I went through that with my ex-husband. Note I say "ex". I did everything around the house. Over the space of a year I sat down with him several times and told him calmly that I couldnt' live like this and that I would leave if the situation didn't change. He would pick up after himself for a week and then go back to doing nothing. I was working two jobs at that time and constantly exhausted. I even offered to do all the housework if he PAID me for it - at least then I could quit one of my jobs. He refused, of course. After a year I realized that nothing was going to change and I left. Unfortunately if you are doing everything for her, she knows she has a good thing going and she has no reason to change. The only thing that might get through to her is if you refuse to do anything else for her - just wash your clothes, just wash your dishes, just buy groceries for yourself and prepare meals for one. The house will be a pigsty for a while, but eventually it might make her realize just how much you do around the house. Good luck.