do you take antibiotics for cough and/or colds?

@Jemina (5784)
January 12, 2007 2:12am CST
Recently I consulted a doctor for my dry cough. He didn't even ask how long had it started. He didn't even xrayed me he just used his stethoscope (spelling?) and had me breathe then he said I had a bronchitis. Afterwards he prescribed 5 types of medicine including antibiotics that I had to take twice a day. I checked the internet and i found out that antibiotics are useless for bronchitis. thing is I didn't really have bronchitis. Another friend emailed me that a naturally, our body can cope with simple illness in about 2 weeks. So I took all those meds and threw them in the bin. true enough in less than 2 weeks I bounced back.