Do you beleive in love spells?

January 12, 2007 11:17pm CST
Of late we have been hearing lot of ads about love spells and stuff like that . Do ayou beleive in these items? do you have any personal experience?
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@MAX1966 (1030)
• Netherlands
21 Feb 07
i just did a love spell. i started on friday.till the next friday. with red candles and roses. with an object of the person involved. let you if it worked.. blessed be
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• India
23 Feb 07
It will work. You seems to be a nice and positive person and the vibrations from such a person need to be effective and strong. may god bless you.
@monalizra (219)
• Romania
30 Jan 07
i've tried one... and it worked. the probability for that to happen was almost zero... but i made the spell, and it happend. but had no satisfaction because i knew it was just a spell. so i broke it and i've never seen him again since then
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• India
31 Jan 07
Nice to hear a first hand experience. So it works??!!. As you have told a love need to be spontaneous and natural, but you know even in casting spells one need to be obsessed with the other. But there are universal spells by gems and talismans that change the personality so that anybody likes the person. Sounds strange??If you are ineterested to know more about Gems visit my web site..
• Philippines
21 Jan 07
I don't believe in lovespell. For me love is a great power ever created here on earth. It's an emotion that should be felt unconditionally and unintentionally. As a suggestion, one should not use a lovespell in making someone to fall for you 'coz you will never be happy knowing that the one that you love don't feel the same as you do.
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• United States
13 Jan 07
Yes, I believe in love spells and have a personal experience with them. What would that be? Well, there is no sane reason for a wonderful women like my wife to love me, so, I figure someone who disliked her put a love spell on her to cause her to fall in love with me. BTW, I am not complaining about it.
• India
13 Jan 07
Oh! wonderful!sometime negative acts ends up in positive results.Good luck!
@Akeela (2080)
• Trinidad And Tobago
29 Jan 07
well i wont try love spells beacuse you always wonder to yourself what if and they may become possesive..Not for me proberly money or luck...