how to become a good collections agent?

@marlaf (93)
January 13, 2007 4:55am CST
i've been a collections associate before and i guess the best way for you to become successful on this is to think more about the situation of the debtor. try to put yourself in their shoes and offer them payments that they can afford. i've never been rude when i was a collections agent and i did well way bck then. Being rude is not the only way to collect, if that works for some dont do the same thing. Remember, always help other people and God will be the one to take care of your needs. TC. Godbess what do you think?
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@Ciniful (1589)
• Canada
13 Jan 07
Thank you!! It's refreshing to see someone in that profession actually consider the situation of the person owing instead of sitting in a position of authority and caring only about the cashflow. I've had to deal with collections agents in the past, and I can quite honestly say that not one of them was reasonable or polite, or even halfway towards either of those descriptions. Had they have been, they likely would have received a much better response from me, however I don't appreciate being talked down to, patronized, insulted or harrassed ... and instead choose to talk to their managers, who are usually a little better. Usually, not always. You've obviously got a good head on your shoulders, and will do well with your career choice. Good luck :)
@marlaf (93)
• Philippines
20 Jan 07
thanx for the comment. I just wanted to share that coz I was able to do my job even without those rude actions..I just thought it would be nice to let other collections agents know that too. Godbless!