Football Question....

@mzbubblie (3840)
United States
January 13, 2007 6:00pm CST
I know this is going to sound real pathetic but I'm very curious to know if it's really true...I was watching football today and asked a friend as long as they are out on the field, you never see them or hear about someone saying they have to go to the restroom. He told me if they have to urinate they will do it on themselves, Is that really true? Do you know? Please shed some light on this topic for me...
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@nayand (168)
14 Jan 07
Football is played for 90 minutes per match in two halves. Each half is of 45 minutes. Its a physical game. So players do not feel like going to the loo for 45 minutes. Because in the break they get for 15 minutes they can attend the team talk and can refresh themselves. Now stadiums are equipped with world class facilities.
@mzbubblie (3840)
• United States
14 Jan 07
Ahhhh ok, I was very curious to know what happened...I didn't know all that, all i know when i watch it on tv it can go for 3 hours...I'm like when do they ever go to the restroom. But I never thought about the commercials...hahaha thank you for responding
@livewyre (2455)
14 Jan 07
nayand is talking about soccer (proper football!) that thing you play in the 'states takes days sometimes don't it?? You sure would need to pee sometime. Notwithstanding, the andrenalin would prevent you from needing to pee to an extent, plus the fact you would have gone before the game...
@soadnot (1606)
• Canada
16 Jan 07
hahahahhahahahaha good question hahahaahhahhah not...its common sence, you dont need to go every 30 mins, after 45 mins you can go piss and come out, and you can do it before hand.. wtf kinda question is this...funny tho lol
• India
14 Jan 07
the game is that freakin tiresome u jus go to a near by ground and run for fifteen minutes and u will know it by urself