Feng Shui... in your car?

January 13, 2007 11:55pm CST
Is your car a mess of candy bar wrappers and take-out soda cups? Do you carpool with some real complainers? I was reading about a study, commissioned by a leading UK insurance broker, that discusses feng shui for cars and drivers. Here are a few suggestions: - Remove the clutter from your car as it "sucks the life force" out of you - Tie a blue ribbon to your rear-view mirror. Blue represents water and this is the perfect state of mind for driving... flowing, thoughtful and clear - Keep bottled water in your car (same reason) - Absorb your passengers' negative energy by sprinkling sea salt on the carpets. When you clean out the salt, the negative energy goes with it. The theory behind this survey is that, by taking steps to improve the energy inside a vehicle, a driver could alleviate negativity that might lead to road rage.
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@dana234 (2116)
• Spain
14 Jan 07
I quite like the idea of Feng Shui altogether, especially what concerns interior design. "Removing the clutter" can be used as a general thing in life. I can´t live surrounded by rubbish and untidyness. It´s as if my brain too was accumulating rubbish (it does only too often, so I try to avoid an overkill). So, yes, our car is clean and we keep a bottle of water not so much because of the Feng Shui thing, but because of the climate. Haven´t sprinkled any salt in the car yet, but I promise I will think about tying a blue ribbon to the rear-view mirror.
• Canada
14 Jan 07
I've started reading more about feng shui, only recently, and find it quite interesting. My husband borrowed a book for me from the library but it was actually a reference book for the purposes of serious study and I found it was too difficult for a beginner. I need to work up to that book! LOL I found the point about clutter really resonated with me too, dana234. I get very tense when others in the house start leaving too many "things" around. I will actually reach a breaking point with it, where it has to be taken care of at that moment, before I can even try to do anything else. I haven't tried the salt yet either but I think the ribbon is such an easy one to do, as is the bottle of water.