Scaried of the Dark

January 14, 2007 9:30pm CST
Are you scared of the dark? What is it about no being able to see that is so scary? Are we expecting something to be there? Personally I find it alot easier to fall asleep with a lttle bit of light from a TV or lamp. Is it something that you grow out of, or is it with you always
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@kaka135 (14068)
• Malaysia
15 Jan 07
I don't think I'm scared of the dark, unless I just finished watching a ghost movie, and I scared myself. I like to sleep in dark, without turning on any light, I find it's easier to fall asleep in dark. Sometimes, I enjoy being in dark, I find it quite comfortable and peaceful. sometimes, I just wanna experience how blind people feel when they can't see anything. I tried to close my eyes and walked around in my house in dark before, it's a good experience.
@forjosie (1547)
• Indonesia
15 Jan 07
No, I didnot scared on the dark. But I cannot sleep without any light, I need the light for do anything if I awake at middle of the night. I am affraid that I do anything dangerous if I awake in the dark and broke something that can make dangerous.
• Canada
15 Jan 07
Even at the age of 42, I still cannot walk directly into a dark room. I have to stand at the door, reach my hand around and flip the light switch. It's even worse if it's a room in the basement too LOL