Toastmasters Public Speaking

@rgnich (28)
United States
January 15, 2007 12:28am CST
Hey MyLotters... Are there any other fellow Toastmasters members out here? For those of you who do not know what Toastmasters is all about. It is a public speaking organization that is great... If you'd like to know more about it .. Let me know... I'll put a link on here.
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@worthy (2413)
• India
15 Jan 07
Yes,sure I would like to know more about it.
@rgnich (28)
• United States
15 Jan 07
Thanks for your inquiry. Toastmasters is a Public Speaking Organization. There are many local clubs througout the entire world. To learn more about it visit If you have any questions, please feel free to message me and I can help you find a local club.
@Cutie18f (9563)
• Philippines
24 Nov 12
I once wanted to be a member of it but I stopped for various reasons which I have cited in my post regarding this topic.
@Shanam (35)
• United States
8 Aug 08
Hi there, I attended a toastmaster session just yesterday and I must say, it can be life transforming.This is an avenue for transforming your public speaking talents.Over here, you not only get tips and tricks for communicating the best way, you also get proper and constructive feedback that makes you even better.
@jeanniemay (1803)
• Philippines
6 Mar 08
Hurray! Nice to know that there are toastmaster families here. I am a fellow toastmaster from the Philippines. Truly, my toastmaster experience changed and improved my public speaking and even my leadership skills. Stay in tune!
@vivasuzi (4125)
• United States
25 Jul 07
I'm a new member... well i'm trying to be a new member but after almost 2 months the organization failed to recieve our check for 5 new members! Also, they failed to send me my member book and keep saying "soon".. Although I like the people in my club (all coworkers) I am not fond of the mentor we have right now. She seems to be a fast talker who is only out for her ownself. She keeps trying to push our group to do certain things, and I think it's because if we suceed it will make HER look good. Well, I don't think we need a mentor at all, at least not one that shows up late (or not at all) for every meeting, and failed to show up for multiple meetings where we had planned to hold orientation for us 5 new members. Probably more than you wanted to know :) But anyway, I do enjoy the concept and am looking forward to my first speech (whenever that may be!) But I'm not too interested in the leader portion of it.