want to work or live in australia

@evylha (20)
January 15, 2007 3:45am CST
Australia for me is a land of adventure and great oppotunity with maximum tolerance for cultural differences. this makes this want to go there but with my present condition, wanted to work there as well to support me financially. COULD ANYBODY HELP ME GET THROUGH AUSTRALIA WITH THE MINIMUM EXPENSE?
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@skygirl85 (119)
• Italy
18 Jan 07
i think as you! me too want to go australia!!!! it's a beautiful place
@Eisenherz (2911)
• Portugal
4 Feb 07
I wish I could go, but I am aware that is isn't as easy as some 2 decades ago. The country is beautiful and full of great chances and people to meet, but it's indeed overcrowded and more immigration will make australians keep on losing their identity...I think you should have more strict laws down there.
@Aussies2007 (5339)
• Australia
15 Jan 07
You are like 30 years too late. The land of adventure has gone out the window since our population has doubled and what used to be a beautiful scenic coast is now populated and over populated. Opportunities? Those are gone too. Unless you want to go and work in the mines of central Australia. Everyone has to work hard to earn a living... and the cost of living is high. We are at the stage where young people cannot afford to buy their own home anymore. The minimum expense to live in Australia is $300.00 a week, if you are living in a caravan outside the big cities. In Sydney, you need a minimum of $300.00 a week just to rent a one bedroom apartment. So you would need a minimum of $500.00 a week to live in Sydney. Tolerance... the government is shoveling tolerance down our throat... and soon... something will give... because the main problem with tolerance is... that it is a one way street. We are asked to tolerate muslims... while their leaders goes on international television and tells the world that Australian anglo-saxon are scum. Do you think that we are going to take it?
@evylha (20)
• Philippines
15 Jan 07
bare with me, well i guess for nationals of a poorer (i mean a lot poorer) than your nation still view it as good place for greener pasture. while others are looking forward to go to USA, i am still fascinated in your country, but then again, i think you are right. how could i say such when even underdevelooped nations had lost their nature to destruction and pollution, what more is it for developed nations! as i have said, am really looking forward to work in australia at least for a couple of years just for me to have savings which i could use as a capital for a business in my own country. well saving is faster simply because of the multiplier - foreign exchange rate! with what you said, i am thinking, thinking and weighing things and consequences... i am just too sure now if i can really be gainfully employed there to enable me raise my capital....
@jennybianca (12914)
• Australia
2 Feb 07
As fair as I know, people can often get a work visa to visit Australia. They often get work picking fruit. It is best to check out when these types of jobs are available before booking.I am not sure how long a work visa applies for, but many people do visit this way. You would not be able to get a permanent visa.