a red dwarf movie

January 15, 2007 10:39am CST
Does anyone have any infomation about the red dwarf film? I was following its progress for a long time, but the last comment about it (from the red dwarf fan site) was in 2003. So has it run out of funding, or are they trying to get more, or is it just on hold. Anyone who knows something would be very helpful.
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@smuggeridge (2157)
16 Jan 07
I'm afraid the movie isn't going to happen. they thought they had funding in 2002, but that fell through. They did find an american backer willing to fund the film, but they wanted to replace the entire cast with more recognisible movie stars. for example they wanted hugh grant to play Lister (which is just completely stupid). We can keep dreaming that a film, or even more unlikely that a 9th series but i'm afraid it is not likely to happen
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18 Jan 07
That, i must say is terrible news. Although i must say I am glad that they didnt risk spoiling it just to have a film. After all, Hugh grant is the anti-lister. You've got hugh grant, a posh well mannered londoner. Compared with lister, who's a common, foul mouthed liverpudlian. It would end up a completely different film.
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• United States
16 Sep 07
Its a sad sad day. my friend i must let you know that it is over. the only hope to see a red dwarf movie or even better the 9th season would be to start a donation club for the movie i myself would throw down at least $100 but i would want to know that the movie would go down. its really sad to see such great culture and entertainment be wasted. i really did not enjoy how they ended season 8 i actully cried cuz i knew it was the end. Iowa is the biggest supporter of red dwarf on public televison almost every station here plays it on friday or saturday nights. i have every single episode on my computer (limewire) i plan on getting the dvd collection soon. i really wish they would have done a movie. i heard a rumor that the movie was already made just not published
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30 Jan 07
Hi .... last I heard was that they had abandoned it due to lack of funding too ... maybe we should have a worldwide whipround!!! I would put in if I thought it would help!!! Me and my family were desperately holding out for the movie. Doesn't help I guess that Craig Charles has got himself into bother! Still, we can only hold on to our hopes.
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@barbour9 (25)
16 Jan 07
It seems to have faded away. Also a lot of the actors have gotten old and so i would be very surprised to see the movie - although it was a terrible way to end the show if it is not some how 'wound-up'.
@jend80 (2068)
10 Jan 08
I've just got heavily back into Red Dwarf (thanks to BBC2's repeats of series one over Christmas and getting The Bodysnatchers collection) - stumbleed across a refereance to the movie while looking for information on the dvds and discovered a great fansite at http://www.ganymede.tv - have been busy reading their archives & catching up on everything that's happened since I've been out of the loop. From what I can work out; Offically Doug Naylor/Grant Naylor Productions are still trying to get funding. The BBC were approched re funding the film but at the time weren't interested (but since then they've brought back Doctor Who, created Torchwood, Hyperdrive, and repeated Red Dwarf so it doesn't look like the claimed reason of not wanting Red Dwarfs type of - sci- fi/comedy - fans stands any longer) - some fans have suggested raising the money themselves. Uoffically the movie probably isn't going to happen - Norman Lovett (Holly) published a rant on his website at some point claiming the film was definitly not going ahead and GNP should stop exploiting the hopes of the fans, there's general viewers opinion that the BBC turned it down 'because the script wasn't any good', plus fan suggestions that Doug Naylor's asking for too much money, and that the film would be a reboot of the story from the first episode anyway so should be offically cancelled & replaced by a series 9 that resolves the ending of series 8 - hopefully bringing back the real Rimmer, getting rid of the extra cast & gets the main crew back on Red Dwarf.