Are Humans by Nature Good or Evil?

@knutz18 (110)
January 15, 2007 7:56pm CST
How do we know right from wrong?Are there any standards?
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@scrawl (374)
• India
16 Jan 07
Man is essentially an animal... an animal for all we know, does not have a conscience..... hence attacks others only to defend itself or for food.... We can classify it as "good" because these are its basic needs. Since we don't have a basic criteria for "good"... we assume it from our consciense, or upbringing or our own moral standard which we have accumulated... We use this moral standards to classify others as good and evil.. if somebody from another planet comes here...we would definitely be classified as "evil" as animals definitely beat us hands down ...... our only excuse.... moral standards and conscience.... This they say is what separates us from the beast... What a contradiction of sorts !!!!
@kyle930 (763)
• United States
16 Jan 07
I think that your sense of right and wrong comes from your parents and what they teach you at a young age and stays with you.