@hcromer (2712)
United States
January 15, 2007 10:26pm CST
Lately most of my paintings have started from pictures I have cut out from magazines. Does anybody else do this? Do you feel like I am infringing on people's copyrights by using images that they have created and incorporating them into my own? Can I legally even sell paintings like this?
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16 Jan 07
Making collages is art endeavor. Using bits and pieces to create art, I think is entirely a creative way to come up with something visually new. The colors textures and images taken from magazines to create a new visual piece, I think is very creative and original. Yes, I think you could sell them without infringement. Picasso did.
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16 Jan 07
Are the images recognizable? If so you may still be ok, but it's pretty touchy territory. You may want to check out the message boards at There is a board there for legal questions and if you post pics of your work then people could give you an honest opinion. Copyright law is not quite black and white though. It often depends on the judge's discretion.
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@saraho (23)
• United States
28 Sep 07
You should really only use images that are your own or considered "in the public domain" (usually 1930's or earlier). With that said, if you clip a photo from a magazine and then alter it enough so that it becomes unrecognizable as the original image, no one will know the difference. There is a big debate in the art community as to what is acceptable use (ethically and legally) of images. You will often see artist's use other people's work or trademarks in their own works, but if you do this I think you have to be prepared for the cease and disist letters. :)