does we gets the promised data rate ?????

January 16, 2007 12:42pm CST
does we gets the data rate ,that is promised by our internet provider or are we being cheated.... comments !!!!!
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• India
17 Jan 07
We never get the promised bandwidth. Mine is 128kbps cable connection and the average download speed comes to around 20kbps. It's really bad and I have made many complaints but no use. I have to be satisfied with what I am getting right now. What about you buddy?
• India
18 Jan 07
hi ! i might remove urs confusion, U do not gets a speed of 20kbps , instead its 20KBps i.e capital KB which is kilo bytes and not bits. so u gets almost 128/8 i.e round about 16 KB , so comparitively u gets good speed. !!!!!
@blindedfox (3316)
• Philippines
24 Jan 07
We don't get the promised bandwidth as the IPSs say. It depends on the network conditions. As of now, my DSL speed is so slow I couldn't access other sites. They say its because of that major earthquake in Taiwan or something.
@tintusam (1169)
• India
22 Jan 07
well mine is bsnl dataone connection..they are offering the speed of 2 mbps i get download speed of 70-80 kbps now but i dont think i am getting that 2 mbps what bsnl is saying...
@anex84 (465)
• Bulgaria
19 Jan 07
There is a difference: 1) your ISP guarantee 100% speed 2) your ISP doesnt guarantee any speeds. Everyone should check their contracts. Usually home internet plans doesn't guarantee speed, the bussiness(they're more expensive) plans are with guaranteed speed.
@Asylum (48215)
• Manchester, England
18 Jan 07
There are several factors that could reduce the data rate supplied, with the contention rate being a major player. Contention is simply the number of other users sharing the same line as you, so if everyone uses the system at once it will affect your bandwidth. You will never receive the figure given because of the way that information is passed to you. If you connect to a site then your computer links to it by a series of steps via other computers, so a lot of information passes back and forth before you see the page.