October 5, 2006 2:40am CST
if we weren't angry we wouldn't know calm, if we weren't sad we wouldn't know happy....if we didn't love we wouldn't know hate,if we didn't know madness we wouldn't know is there no absolute feeling?? we base our judgements on a pairs of mutually dependent feelings which have no standalone what does that say about human intelligence and judgement....???
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@simmer (70)
• South Africa
20 Oct 06
I think all humans have those feelings to teach you lessons in life!Your personality helps you control those feelings and do the right thing!Who you are is ur existence not what you feel!What you feel is just abit on who you are?Hope that makes sense?
• India
21 Oct 06
yes it does
@coolshiv (477)
• India
15 Oct 06
hmmm...thtz a tricky all says human z dangerous...can change at every may b pauper tday..ll b rcher person on the another day...u may b a good aword of angreness changes u...
• India
15 Oct 06
good answer