Stupidity and greed rules the world!!!

October 5, 2006 4:44am CST
Why are we greedy? Why is it populous nowadays? Even children are not excepted. I keep wpondering why our world is so corrupt and desperately wicked.The bible makes us to know that the hearts of men are desperately wicked.Why is this so?I guess the truth lies in the fact that humain being are after wealth and riches thereby allowing greed to control their thoughts instead of conquering the wicked spirit called greed. God help us!
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@thefuture (1751)
• Nigeria
11 May 07
The first thing I will say is; the world is soon coming to an end, therefore all this things are very common, considering the fact that human beings are not contented. You got it right, that humans are after wealth and riches, therefore it tends to increase the rate of wickedness and greediness. Thanks and have a nice day.
@nivash (238)
• India
15 Oct 06
ya you are right.Nowadays are greedy in everything and started disturbing others for their own desires they are self centered and mainly greedy about money.Their wickednes also a reason for the change in this world .If this things is carrying on then we all will be in a trouble. so people please be good and make this world a nice place to live in.. if you feel that my response is good please select my response as best