What motivates you to continue fighting struggles in life?

January 17, 2007 2:28am CST
Motivation is very important for us to succeed. Without motivation, we can't achieve our goals in life. My family is one of my reason why I am still fighting struggles in life no matter how hard and painful it is. This is one way of saying thank you for the love and care that they gave me. I consider that my future children are also my reason. I don't want them to experience hardships that I have been through. How about you? What are your reasons?
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@babyhar (1335)
• Canada
29 Jan 07
My other half & our puppy motivate me each & every day of my life. Whatever struggles I may have to go through each day.. I know that I am able to turn to them daily for the necessary support, & guidance that I may need. As they have always been there for me no matter what I have to face a long the way. I think in away love keeps us all going. For me personally though.. Knowing that I have made one small positive impact in one's life.. Makes me feel like I have a purpose.. There's not a greater feeling in this world then knowing that your presence in this world is making a difference in one's daily life! I think another thing that keeps me motivated would have to be.. That somewhere out there... Life does hold many beautiful things. Even if I may have not been given the chance to see them just yet. I know that they are out there. I guess in away I want to see how my future turns out for me. I have something to look forward to. My future. I want to stick around so that I can see how my life ends up turning out. Being able to look back & see how much you have achieved will be such a beautiful thing to experience. Seeing how far you've come, & seeing who is still there right by your side years from now.. I want to be able to someday be able to say.. "I made it.." I think that would be such a wonderful thing to be able to hear from my own mouth.. Knowing that I've come so far even after all the struggles I may have had to have gone through.. A person also needs to be able to believe in themselves.. And have people around them whom are able to cheer them on when the going get's tough.. I know that is what I need in my personal life.. I believe there is a reason for everything we all do in this world.. There must be some reason as to "why" we are for example working at the job we are, being with the person we are in a relationship with, why we are where we are right now, etc. There has to be a reason. And I want to find out that reason some day as well I guess you could say! . . In conclusion, I believe that the struggles or hardships that we all go through.. Help to define us. Everyone in this world falls from time to time, but it's how you get back up & learn from it that truly matters & makes a difference in the end.
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• Philippines
30 Jan 07
I enjoyed reading your response. I guess you are well motivated.^^ Thanks for this very detailed response.^^
@opinder (421)
• India
17 Jan 07
My family and friends certainly motivate me....and now my boyfriend too. Whenever I feel low....i think of them, because these are the people who love me and care fore me...and these are the people i want to live for and live with. and yes my confidence in myself.....the belief that i can handle everything as i have done in the past.
• Philippines
17 Jan 07
You are right! We have to have confidence and believe in ourselves for us to suceed. Thank you so much for the response.^^
• Pakistan
7 Feb 07
i get motivated by ME...when i look at myself,,,my decision makin abilities my role n status in my family....my younger ones look upto me for help (not talking abt financials here) this gives me the courage...coz i understand im important..i have a role to play n i have to struggle..i hav to protect them by guiding them to the right...this spirit forces me to look at life from different aspects...when i turn back n look at my childhood n the circumstances i hav gone through i get stronger n stronger...my past motivates me...as failures motivate to win...n i try to learn from my past...from mistakes of others so that i don make those same mistakes...MOTIVATION is a great POWER frm God...n it can b in any form...its a blessing which forces us to live...
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• Philippines
6 Feb 07
There is a God who will guide and give victory over the tests and challenges of this world.