Local Folklore and Legends

United States
January 17, 2007 4:04pm CST
Everywhere has its own local folklore and legends. There isn't a single town that doesn't have *something*. A ghost, a creature in the woods, a mysterious happening, a legend... So share yours. I love folklore, and I'd love to hear some first person accounts. And I do mean first person. Don't just copy and paste an article or something, tell me in your own words, please. As for myself, I'm in the good old Wild West, and we have legends galore. In Chino Valley, there's said to be a fortune of gold nuggets, hidden by a misery old goldminer who was killed in a stagecoach shooting, before ever telling where his gold was hidden. He supposedly still haunts the old stage roads to this day, held to this earth by his treasure and greed.