anamial shelters

@dixielol (1581)
United States
October 5, 2006 9:53am CST
Why cant animal shelters give there animals away? I am not going to pay $150. for a dog that is a mixed mut. Instead of giving them away when they have been there for a while, they would rather let them die there instead of them losing one cent over it. They dont care about the animals. only the $.
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@JoyfulOne (6242)
• United States
5 Oct 06
Most animal shelters are non-profit organizations. They are allowed to recoup the costs for the care of the animals they hold there. For instance, a dog, or cat, that comes in must be checked by a vet. Unless the animal has tags to prove that they have had their rabies, and all current necessary shots, they have to administer these for YOUR safety. Would you really want to take an animal home that was infested with worms or something? You'd still have to take it to the vet to get all it's shots and everything. I'm sure most vets give the shelter and it's animals a break on costs, but who will pay for the medicines has to come from somewhere, as the vet cannot get these medications for free either. Their goal is to make the animal healthy so it's worthy of being given away and can have a second chance at life. Also, besides making the animal healthy, they still have to pay for food for the animal to eat while they're caring for them. I've known several animal shelters that have had to close because there just wasn't enough money to feed and care for all the animals. The workers there were all volunteers. If you worked there, could YOU afford to pay for the animals care out of your own pocket? Probably not, most of us couldn't! The biggest thing is that people can help by donating: food, blankets, cages, old blankets (to keep them warm), kitty litter, money, or whatever. I personally think they're not after the money, they just want to help an animal be healthy enough that someone will take them and they can have a good life.