What interests a 10 month old baby boy?

@jessmtiu (251)
January 17, 2007 10:28pm CST
I would like to find out what activities interests a 10-month-old boy. I have since ran out of interesting activities for him. He just likes to eat anything that he grasps! I want to read to him, but he keeps grabbing at the books and putting them in his mouth. I am afraid to put him in front of the television for fear that he might turn into a couch potato! Please advise...
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@burieks (127)
• Philippines
18 Jan 07
hi! you can give him toys that will help develop his motor skills. you can also give him books with pictures and read the book to him so that he'll be familiar with things. i think there's nothing bad in letting him watch tv, just make sure that he won't spend long hours watching. you should also choose the shows that he must watch. there are many shows that are for children.
• United States
4 Jan 11
I have tried that and he just ignors it and then when I put him down to learn to self play he goes after things on the floor that cant be picked up.. What can I do he thinks that when I say no he laughs and the other people in the house think that it is funny also...
• India
18 Jan 07
i think its time of play for a 10th mounth old baby. so you alway play with him. keep smileling him.
• Canada
18 Jan 07
It's hard to amuse them, when they can't tell you what they actually WANT to do, isn't it? :) Not knowing your son, perhaps he might be interested in activities that are working on his motor skills ... like playing with balls or toys that roll and you can push them back and forth between you, stacking games, dropping things inside other things, even makeshift "bowling" (I used to use a ball and some empty plastic soda bottles... we'd try to push the ball and watch the "pins" fall over... it's that whole "learning cause and effect" thing). Playing in front of a mirror was always a big hit as were "hiding" games like hiding a toy under a blanket and asking "where did it go?" and having the baby learn that hiding doesn't mean gone. My kids loved bathtime so we spent a lot of time playing with cups and plastic containers and spoons and such in the tub (sometimes there was barely room for the baby! LOL). I also invested in a quite a bit of "kids music" and we'd "sing" songs, clap, and I'd pick them up and dance and twirl (before they could really try to do it on their own). Oh.. and don't give up on the reading. He might like books that have the sound buttons down the side (those are cool and usually interesting) or textured pages so you hold his attention by touching the different things in the book, instead of having him just wanting to put them in his mouth. I found too that, initially, books that have close up pictures of faces (either real or animated) seem to get noticed. I had this set about "Baby Ben" and my kids loved him... he was a cute little cartoon-y guy and they just seemed to like looking at him. Have fun :)
@froogle (776)
18 Jan 07
u can give him something like two cubes that fit into one other. see if he is try ing to somehow get them together. or something like that. that will show his intention of thinking or how his brain is functioning.