Is Harry Potter - The Last Horcrux ?

January 18, 2007 2:35pm CST
Is it possible that Harry is the sixth horcrux? There are clues to suggest that he is.... Whats do u Think ...
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• United States
22 Aug 08
Before I read the seventh book I did not think it made sense because the dark lord kept trying to kill Harry but when the seventh book revealed that he was I saw how it all made sense. It definitely took me by surprise though.
28 Jan 07
no its too obvious and i think j.k is much smarter than that
@emeraldisle (13145)
• United States
27 Jan 07
I think that might be a possibility. That the scar is anyways. That would explain why Harry has the link with Voldemort. You are right there are clues pointing to it but whether or not JK Rawlings will go that route is unknown. It all could be a red herring on her part.
@Ananasii (33)
21 Jan 07
Definatly, it make sense, though I doubt Voldemort knows, otherwise why go so far out of his way to kill Harry?
@saralp (224)
• India
21 Jan 07
i dont think Harry is an Horcrux...though Voldemorts powers were transferred to harry...if harry is an horcrux then Voldemort wouldn't have tried too kill harry also i dont think Voldemort would try to make a horcrux out of harry coz he only selects things which he thinks are valuable.......anyway i think JKR herself said that Harry is not an horcrux(heard it somewhere....but not sure of the news though)
@thanzm (193)
• Qatar
21 Jan 07
I dont think so. Not that he is not capable of that, but in that case Harry will either have to die or turn into the next Voldemort or even more powerful evildoer in Book 7. That i dont think will happen. Now i would change my mind only if u could give me those proofs that u r talking about or any links to them or atleast a gud response.