cleanliness is next to godliness?

United States
January 19, 2007 5:29am CST
So my girlfriend always seems to take baths. I make the comment that showers, on a whole, are cleaner. She gets all defensive and says she can take whatever she wants blah blah but C'MON! Showers are FAR better than baths! Firstly, the cleanliness thing? Weel love, I wasn't lying. Bathing seems a bit counter-productive...wallowing in your own filth. Secondly, taking a bath uses more energy. Thirdly? well you can do FAR more things in a shower setting standing than you can in a bath, if anyone catches my drift. Who here is with me? showers are FAR better than baths!
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@Zebrochka (333)
• Brazil
5 Feb 07
Hi mate! I would basically agree with you - showers are more practical, clean and energy saving. That´s in general. Now, my husband usually takes extremely long showers. He can stay there for half and hour, forty minutes with hot waster rolling down at full power... That´s already equal to a bath, I guess.
• United States
26 Jan 07
sometimes a bath is a good thing, esp around pms time when everything aches, or crampy. I have horrible back pains, nausea, and everything else. Too many baths may not be good....but all in all, it's only to each his own. I think men are more typical to like showers, where women will relax in a hot bath, or even read a good book.