@crztle (21)
United States
January 19, 2007 8:26am CST
How great is the song, "Indifference"?
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@zeloguy (4913)
• United States
19 Jan 07
AWESOME! There are not many Perl Jam songs I don't like. Even the ones that are now 15 years old I still love to hear.
@toiletto (105)
• Philippines
19 Jan 07
GREAT! you can feel master vedders voice..
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@kutchi87 (84)
• Pakistan
19 Jan 07
it is very good
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@limalimon (638)
• Mexico
27 Mar 07
a great song, i remember when i bought this cd (vs) the first songs that i listen was indifference and in this moment i pick this one like one of my favorites
• Belgium
26 Jan 07
I dig it, it's always firework when a 'heavy' band plays this more quiet songs, like stonesour who did through glass lately, but pearl jam didn't make a single out of it, their heavy was too good!
@layney (1053)
• Italy
21 Jan 07
Great song, this is the last track form VS (1993) It is a calm song, but very good in the tradition of Pearl Jam emotional and slow calm songs. I remember playing it on the guitar many years ago.
@chuggs (314)
• United States
19 Jan 07
That is definately a great song. It was a great way to end the vs cd, and it is very cool to hear live.