Good Foods to Choose if you have arthritis..

@moneymind (10524)
January 19, 2007 9:30pm CST
Good Foods to Choose A 31/2-ounce serving of the following fish provides at least 700 milligrams (0.7 gram) of omega-3 fatty acids: Anchovies* Bass, striped Bluefish Herring* Mackerel* Sablefish* Salmon Sardines* Shark Trout, brook Trout, lake* Tuna, white *These contain double the omega-3s, or at least 1.4 grams. In general, the darker the flesh, the fattier the fish and the more omega-3s it contains.
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@Perry2007 (2229)
• Philippines
20 Jan 07
Thanks! Wherever do we get Blue ish Herring
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@deebomb (15323)
• United States
24 Jan 07
You can also get omega3 from flax seed. It is not recommended to get omega 3 from from fish oils because toxins tend to accumulate in animal fat very easily. Two to three tablespoons of crushed flax seeds will provide a decent dose of omega-3s in a dayOmega-3 is nearly impossible to get in ANY processed oil, because it is polyunsaturated and tends to be destroyed in oil refining processes (extremely hot temperatures are used to produce that pretty yellow color).
@Lydia1901 (16354)
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22 Jan 07
That sounds really great. This is a very useful information, I will keep that in mind.