What was the first thing you ever bought on ebay?

@Rumple (301)
South Africa
January 20, 2007 7:09am CST
How long ago did ebay even start? im not sure about that but i think it would be interesting to find out the first item people bought on ebay, the very first purchase they made, the excitement of it... bringing back memories? :) So lets hear it... all those first buys on ebay...
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@dimigroup (191)
• Bulgaria
20 Jan 07
I've never bought anything on Ebay.
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@Rumple (301)
• South Africa
24 Jan 07
Dont worry... neither have i :) well not yet anyway
23 Jan 07
hi rumple. the first thing i bought on ebay was this christmas to be honest.was never sure about buying on the web but glad i did. saves all the hassle of waiting in the town shops. it was a pair of trainers and i was a bit sceptical as to wether they would turn up in the post or if they would be in the good condition (new) on the photo. well, i was pleasantly surprised as i recieved them 1 day later and in spanking new condition. saved alot of money too so will continue and happy shopping!
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@wolfie34 (26793)
• United Kingdom
22 Jan 07
I was introduced to Ebay by a friend and he kept telling me about the bargains that he had found and the amount of money he was making by using Ebay, he gave me a lesson about how to buy and sell, what to look out for and what to be careful off. It was in 2004 that I first began. The first item I bought was a cd which I had been after for such a long time, I was replacing all my tapes into cds, and it was Eurythmics Greatest Hits that I wanted. Anyhow I looked up on Ebay and sure enough I found a copy and I was delighted at the price £2 plus P&P It was a good copy, since then I have been hooked and I've sold a lot of stuff on Ebay and have saved a fortune by buying mostly dvds and cds. One of my best buys was Bad Girls Series 3 DVD. In the shops it was £35, on Ebay I bought it for £12 brand new, what a saving! I don't use it as much now because I don't have much to sell and I have everything I need, occasionally I will look out of interest but the fees are going up and it's too much hard work trying to making money from Ebay now.
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@bethed (278)
• United States
21 Jan 07
The very first thing that I bought was a shirt. ireally did not have a clue what I was doing when I bid and sure was scared that it was all a scam.Lord,this was back when you mailed the check or money order to this person you were buying from.Well they got their money and I got my shirt and now I think my rating is close to 300.So I must really haved liked it!!!
@Eisenherz (2912)
• Portugal
21 Jan 07
eBay has been online for quite a while now, but I'd be doomed if I know for how long. Some 10 years maybe? Anyway, my first purchase on eBay was some 3 years ago through ebay.de. It was a CD from a band I've bought from a german seller for some 5€ or so, so it was quite a good deal.
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