Do you need to work overtime?

@hirals (1736)
January 21, 2007 1:15pm CST
Many hourly paid workers will receive extra income by working overtime, but it is really necessary? I work overtime quite often if the job requires it and the extra pay can be useful at times, but I am capable of living just fine without overtime, therefore I only work overtime if required and I am happy to work a basic week. How many here are unfortunate enough to require overtime in order to generate enough income, and what happens if the overtime is not available?
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@soccermom (3200)
• United States
6 Feb 07
My husband works 60-72 hours a week at his job as a machinist. Could we live without the overtime? Barely. We've become accustomed to his checks and in turn I quit working so much to be home with the 3 kids more. We live within our means and put every extra dime in the savinggs account. He's been working these hours consistently for almost two years, I would hope the shop he's at will not slow down. You are lucky to only have to work a 40 hour week, I'm sure my husband wishes we were in that position on occassion. Thankfully he enjoys his job. If the overtime was cut that means college savings, retirement accounts, etc..would fall by the wayside just so we could scrape by month to month.
@moto47 (555)
• Indonesia
6 Feb 07
Sometimes we need to overdo ourselves just to meet our needs. But also remember that all of us have our own "limit". So we also have to consider5 our health, or we must take the consequences and maybe the cons. are more expensive than what we earn from the overtime working (we can't buy "health").