new speeding cameras

United States
January 22, 2007 5:48pm CST
I can't believe this. In my state they have the redlight cameras so they can add to the city or county revenue. They say that this saves lives I don't know about that. The government can make surveys and poles say anything they want. I found out today on the news that they have started installing cameras to catch people who speed. These cameras will only take pictures of the tag. They will then generate a ticket and be sent to the registered owned of the vehicle. There will be no points given for these cars caught this way. You will not be able to have a jury trial you will only be able to pay the tickets. This really sucks.
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@freak369 (5024)
• United States
9 Feb 07
If you get a ticket in the mail for speeding or running a red light and it has been taken by a camera you should have the right to appeal it. There have been more than a few cases where the cams snap the wrong plate or they get the wrong information. If you get one of these, read the back of the ticket for the information to appeal. This is treated differently than if you are pulled over and you should have the right to present your side of the story or appeal it in court.
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@CatEyes (2449)
• United States
22 Jan 07
They have had this in Houston for a while now. I really don't think it helps that much. At first it was ANYONE who was in the view of the camera when it flashed. That affected those who were still in the OK with a Yellow light and you know how fast those turn into red sometimes. Well, now it is whoever went through a yellow light and the flash goes off midstream, they are OK, if they actually ran a Red light (passing over the line when it is already red) they get the ticket. They came up with this when they were inundated with citations. Also they post a sign stating that you are approaching a intersection that is being monitored. I think it's a waste of taxpayers money, because the ones who should be caught won't and those who a one time if ever offender will.
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• United States
23 Jan 07
Here in Maryland we have had the red light cameras for about three or so years now. they do usually post where the cameras are. When they first put in the cameras they were taking pictures of the drivers and that was found to be unconstitutional so they had to stop. Now they just get your tag. Now with speeding cameras I doubt if they are going to tell us they are there. I also doubt if they are going to let you get away with one mile over the speed limit with these new cameras. This is just another way to get money. The problem is that the money doesn't seem to go to fixing the streets.
@ladym33 (11007)
• United States
28 May 09
My husband got caught by one of those cameras. It was a bad day out really rainy wet, and slippery. The light changed on him suddenly and it would have been too dangerous for him to slam on his breaks to try and stop. It really wans't fair because they camera does not know the weather conditions, and it is not like you can explain yourself to a camera. These cameras are not fair in all occasions.
• Philippines
16 Jul 07
My friend who is living in California has been caught by this type of camera months ago. She was surprised to receive this email telling her about her offense and she was asked to pay for the ticket. Its truly high tech. But I think if people have money, they will love this program becoz they only need to pay and will not have to undergo any trial. Yeah it sucks.
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@KrauseHome (35507)
• United States
19 Apr 11
Well, I think in ways this can be a good thing, but personally there are some downfalls to it as well. What if you were not the person driving the car? How can they really fault the correct person then? We have these lights and cameras now that capture you when you run a red light and it is annoying for sure. But there is notices for most of them which is a plus. Just would think there are still some things they need to work on on this for sure.
@camar_lyn (1028)
• Singapore
14 Jun 07
I know it really sucks. And you are right that it increases the city's revenue. In singapore, redlight cameras are passe. Now we have laser or digital like cameras. Previously, people tend to speed so fast that the redlight camera gets a blurring image of the car tag. Since the change from redlight to digital laser speed camera's motorists are more mindful because it costs $100 each time you beat the speed limits set. So indirectly, it does save lives because the camera's only act as a deterrent for motorists to speed. It is up to the motorist to decide if he wants his hard earned money to go into his pocket or the city's pockets. - Lyn