Do You Still Listen to the Radio?

January 23, 2007 11:57am CST
I worked at a Radio station many many moons ago, before internet downloads and mp3 players. In fact when I started there we were still phasing out vinyl. Back in the day radio was 'cool'. The dj's were highly regarded and we were all so so very hip. Now I get the vibe that the 'radio' is out and downloading your own music is in. Is Radio Losing it's 'cool'? Or will it always be around? Has anybody noticed a change in the trend? Do you listen to on-line line radio stations?
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• United States
3 Feb 07
i still listen to radio. it isn't losing it's cool it is basically not assesable enough.. i listen to a online radio which if your on the computer it is easier then trying to find your radio and turning it on. with this radio all you do is put in the link and find the player and request songs
@mae168 (171)
• Philippines
25 Jan 07
Yes! sometimes it depends on my mood..
@Eisenherz (2912)
• Portugal
24 Jan 07
I don't listen to the radio anymore simply because most radio stations these days are just as good as music television channels. I think they always play the same boring, commercial driven stuff instead of focusing on adding variety to their shows. So if I ever listen to the radio today, it's certainly to less widespread stations who play some decent music and have decent shows.
@pravibabu (135)
• India
24 Jan 07
no. Where is time. If there also no intrest.
@mipen2006 (5528)
• Australia
24 Jan 07
the way technology is advencing nowadays it's impossible to say whether radio has a life beyond the next twenty years in its current form. However, I think sports booadcasts will be available for people in cars for some time, but who knows?
• Singapore
23 Jan 07
I hardly listen to the radio nowadays. I suppose it will always be around as it is one useful way for news to be spread, should anything happen.
@Shaun72 (15968)
• Palatka, Florida
23 Jan 07
not as much as I once did. I usally do when i am in a car.
@reinydawn (11649)
• United States
23 Jan 07
I have a small boom box in my office. I listen to the radio on it all day long. The station I listen to just recently reintroduced streaming so I could listen throught the computer, but then I have to listen to all the other annoying sounds my coumputer makes. I also listen to the radio in the car - except when traveling then I use my ipod. I like to have the radio on at home but sometimes will listen to CD's.