What makes a given book a bestseller, and not another?

@scribe1 (1207)
United States
January 23, 2007 3:08pm CST
Let's say that one nonfiction book's subject, such as psychic abilities, has a lot of best seller potential, doesn't become hugely popular as another on the same or similar subject. I have a few theories: 1. Readers know and like a given author and will "read" as much of that person as possible. 2. The book has been promoted more widely than the other. 3. The book presents information that interests people in a new way, such as including practical exercises in each chapter. 4. The book has received good reviews. What do you think?
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@nannacroc (4049)
23 Jan 07
I think it's the media promotions that make books best sellers because some I've seen were not the sort of books I would be interested in. Books by Dan Brown are good but the controversey surrounding them helped to sell more copies.