I could spend all day sitting at a sidewalk cafe(Starbucks) watching the world

strangers walking on the Avenida de Revolucion in  - these folks just happened to be passing by, I was shooting the painted mule rather than the passerby. The little men with their exotic looking "zebras" are on every corner it seems trying to sell tourist photos of them posing with the ersatz zebra so snapping your own photo will get them twirked and bent out of shape! It's hilarious!
@sharone74 (4839)
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January 24, 2007 6:02am CST
Going by is the entire world. Sitting down someplace inconspicuous and observing pedestrians, bicyclists,motorcycles,motor vehicles, couples,people who talk to themselves and argue back. In short the unique and less than unique flow of humanity rushing,slouching,rolling,walking,running, and locomoting about the world in any and every type of way,vehicle,condition,clothing,wardrobe mishapps,arguing,hunting for things or places. I love the snippets of converstaions that you catch as people pass by, or when you're behind them in line. I love the warp and woof of the tapestry of life. Do you people watch. The show is constant, the entertainment and humor are endless, and consumption of this wildly funny and entertaining phenomena is FREE FOR EVERYONE that wishes to take a moment out and become an observer as opposed to a player in the sho.(cause the "show" is harder to watch when you're part of it rather than just watching from afar or a near depending on where you sit.) This passtime is especially fun when shared with 1 or two friends that enjoy the show too. Then you can point out things they have missed and really don't want to miss! You can joke, and caper, ape, and parrot, and create whole "lives" destinations and locales of departure. Foreigners and natives alike they all have a story and if their not forthcoming in tellng their own, well make one up for them with your friends!Give it a shot, if you never have. I truly recommend that everyone who can break away from the jumble and the hustle and bustle and just chill for 5 or 10 minutes even. Try it you'll love it, go people watching today!
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@Ravenladyj (22937)
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24 Jan 07
omg I'm a HUGE ppl watcher....for a couple of reasons...#1 because its entertaining whether done with friends or alone..#2 its a great way to learn about "ppl" and how we interact and react etc which is something I love and #3 its a great way for me to stay on top with my guard, I've been a ppl watcher for many yrs and it started out as a means of protecting myself back in the day..learning body language in action is a great way to "read" ppl and keep yourself safe..then it became a hobby of sorts (while still being my safety feature)
@victorwzj (539)
24 Jan 07
Oh no, I couldn't do that. I once do the similar thing before. it was long time ago when I still in primary school. That time I was waiting for the school bus and the school bus is a bit late. I used to play games with my friend until the bus is arrived. The game that we play were guess the color of the car that gonna pass by. There are another time where I gazed on the rain I am too bored that time. I am sitting at the balcony and the wind blowing at my face and I watch every single drop on rain pouring down from sky and absorb by the land. It is very cold that day and I still remember that feel until today. I do like cold weather once in a while. I know we have different definition of world. you are referring to "human" and I referring to "nature". That is the closed story that I have .. cheers