I went to the gym last night to workout, these two women were straight comedy!!!

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January 24, 2007 6:52am CST
G and I went to the gym last night (first time for me in two weeks). I also went rollerblading yesterday afternoon before he got home. However none of these things is the topical anecdote for this post. I get there right and there is this girl whom I had promised to make a workout cD copy for and bring it for her the next time I went. Well I did make the CD after 4 times of not seeing her there I gave it away to one of the other gals that asked for one. Well it turns out she had not been to the gym since that time we had met 3 1/2 moths ago. She comes up to me and goes "So where's my CD?" like it was last week or even last month that I had promised to burn her a copy. I explained that after missing her several times after our initial meeting I had given it to one of the other ladies that had asked the same day, actually theyboth asked at the same time, come to think of it! Anyway, I asked the manager for a job application as he could use at least on more staffer in the next month or so and I could use a job like YESTERDAY! So while I am waiting for the seated leg press machine that she and this other girl are using I sit down to begin filling in my application. I observe her "instructing" her friend in the use of the machines and how to 'properly' work out with weights in general. Now my brother started me lifting weights at age 7 and had lied for me years later so I could geta job at the Gold's gym that he worked at for 12 or 13 years.(I was only 16) but built like a brick $hit house, not to toot my own horn. Well not that I could back then everyone else was busy tooting it for me! I was 5'5" tall 154 lbs of solid well defined and the very obvious result of years of dedicated daily and multi-weekly building sessions. In the garage with my older bro (whom I idolized when we were young children) and his muscle bound, muscles for brains (which beats the other alternative to real brains!) LOL, high school wrestlers and martial arts disciplined, and testosterone enhanced teenaged boys. I worked out with him and spotted him on the bench with 200+ pounds on the bar from age 10 on anytime anyone else wasn't there to do it. I also worked as a pole dance for fitness regimen instructor at the No Ho Bally's TF until this April. I listened with about half an ear for about 3 to 5 minutes. Mind you just the condescending and patronizing way that she was 'instructing' her was such that she and I would have had to take it outside if she were talking to and about me like that. Now picture this a girl about 5'7" tall tipping the scale at a buck 80 to 199 pounds trying to instruct a rail thin lady in her mid to late thirties like she was 13 years old. If that were the end of it, believe me I would have let that be "The End"of her erroneous instruction. However to top it all off she had no idea of what in the He ll she was talking about nor the 'proper usage' and hand positioning for maximum benefits and safe workout posturing, planning, and previewing for the beginner. First I let them fininsh with the leg press machine, then I took it and as they are walking away I demonstrated to best use of the press and asked her about the incorrect setting for height. The lady was around 5'6 or 5' 7 and about 135-145 at the most! (as the old expression goes, she weighed that out of the shower with the water still on her and holding a 5-7 pound brick maybe). The girl has set the chair setting for someone who was between 2-3 ft tall! She tried to play it off like she had done that to show her how to do calf raises with the machine also. However I doggedly persued her faulty premises because the girl who she was 'helping' could have ended up injured. Anyway several times as they made the circuit of machines I corrected her or repositioned her friend so that she was seated, holding a steady grip, and weighted for a light rather than the heavy 'Intermediate" class workout that her friend was foisting onto the poor lady. She rolled her eyes quite a few times, our Ersatz trainer, and though I had had the app in my lap writing on it while doing presses it took her 20 minutes to note the app. This at least got her to stop contradicting me and aguing her side of the "wrong" way to do thing. The real trainer sat there with this benign smile on his face saying not a word except when she left her friend to loudly and heavyhandedly hit on him. Which while he was cordial and friendly he wasn't biting on that one. At one point toward the very end of the 40min workout she exasperatedly goes, well why don't you give her the tour then? To which I responded "Why, she's your friend and you are doing such a wonderful and thorough job of instructing her. YEAR RIGHT! Long and short I had to take the weight that I was working with down a peg or two more than five times while trying to snicker quietly or under my breath. She was soooooooooo darn funny. First where does she get off trying to tell a gal half her size the 'proper' way to workout when she loudly admitted early on that she had not been into the gym herself in over 3 mos. Second is this story funny or what?! What would you have done in that position?
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25 Jan 07
Way to go. I love watching idiots work out. Means they will soon be injured and sitting at home watching Oprah again and out of my way while I'm waiting on a machine.lol