How much pocket money I should give to my 18 year old son?

@sajodude (117)
January 24, 2007 12:14pm CST
My son goes to college and has to have some pitty cash for his monthly expences as with friend and his own enjoyment. But there should be some limit. My son finishes whatever given to him and again comes to me for asking some more. For middle class family what should be the budget in this regard?
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16 Feb 07
i think so u shld not decide a fix amount and then give him, i think u should decide that how much he's needed..and how much he will spend if u give him pocket money according to his choice..that makes out that how much money you hould give him.and wheter he gives you list of all expensises that he has made.
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@magnel (2263)
• India
19 Mar 07
I think in middle class the whole months or whole weeks pocket money should not be given all at once... coz if you do then they will spend it all at once... giving it little by little will prevent it...
@Sazzle (71)
25 Feb 07
If he is at college, is spending his allowance and coming back for more he needs to learn the value of money. Doesnt he have a job? My OH worked his way through college from aged 15 and supported himself. His parents werent willing or able to support him in any way.
@shana123 (2096)
• India
19 Feb 07
Hummm well aunty,, im also 18 years old.. well i dont know to suggest... or advice you on this... well im here in mylot to earn my pocket money.. even im from a middle class family... my parents will do whatever i need... more than that if i need extra things(like money for hanging out) they do but they give me sensibly.... they will also advice me the worth of each and every penny.. now-a-days.. i myself understand the worth of money and i try to avoid my extra expenditure... so try to speak to your son... and advice him to spend sensibly... he might one day or the other will give ear to your words....:-)
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27 Jan 07
Dont give any pocket money.It will spoil them.