Why is it, you opinion, that people seem to not be happy unless they are...

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January 26, 2007 12:44am CST
Embroiled in some frustration or unhappiness generating imbroglio that gives them reason and a topic to endlessly gripe about? Case in point the one of the only females that I associate with, back when we first met was on AFDC and living way above her means and income struggling with raising the last 2 of her 6 children when 2 of the older children proposed moving back in with her to help with the younger two and help her pay bills. Now my perspective is apprapo of diddly and will get me as much as a cup of coffee at Denny's only if I also take $2.00 to offer along with my personal opinion. But here it is: When she and her psycho ex-boyfriend made the break she ended up having to move 4 times to evade him and file no less than 5 seperate restraining orders (which he obeyed like people obey the posted speed limit on the freeways and yellow "slow down or prepare to stop" intermediate traffic signals.) The cost for all of the moving, deposits, breaking leases and being sued by the property owner for the balance of the lease terms. Court fees for the restraining orders etc are the cause of her destitution and squandering of her little nest egg that she had managed to accrue while living with the psycho. In the midst of all the moving her mother was diagnosed with cancer and moved in with her so she was able to both afford and attain larger and nicer living quarters. Next thing she knows her 17 year old who was so grown the year before that she had gotten pregnant, quit school, and moved out moves in with her and her mother to "help her to care for grandma." With no job and a 1 year old infant that she attended sporadically I don't understand where she got the idea that gaining free room and board, free babysitting, and having no job she was "helping" in any way. Two months later her 21 yr old son moves back home to help with Grandma. He is also unemployed at the time and even after securing employment as far as I know he paid his rent once. Never "sat" with Grandma or drove her to a single Dr. appointment and yet my friend was at the happiest I have ever seen her. The two freeloading "grown folks" have since gotten jobs and moved out. My friend is now much less happy although she has a new man in her life, who just bought her a beautiful home and supports her fully. She constantly reminds me of how much happier and fulfilling her life was when she was "single" and if I hear one more time how her daughter never brings her grandson over I think that I will just PUKE!
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