Im Spending a Lot For My 9 Years Old Son Diaper!!!

January 26, 2007 1:53am CST
My son is still using diaper until now everynight.He pee's like 3 to 4 times when he is sleeping.He is very playful and active.He eat and drink a lot too before sleeping.I've tried to wake him up in the night when i realized that i am spending too much for his diaper.But it seems that im having problem on it since im a working mom and my son is too big.I cant actually pick him up and let him pee.He sleeps in the night that i cant let him wake up to pee! What else do i need to do???
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• United States
26 Jan 07
i would talk to te doctor and see if there is anything that they can recommend. I would try not letting him drink anything after a certain time fram. whatever his bed time is dont let him drink anything 3hours before. make sure that he is warm at night, i know my daughter has had a few accidents because she was cold, keep his room nice and warm.
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• Philippines
27 Jan 07
i will try that.thanks!
@Shaun72 (15968)
• Palatka, Florida
27 Mar 07
it sounds like he needs to see a doctor or a Urologist. I do thesame thing when I sleep I have to wear depends. I found out earlier this month that I have a bladder drop. I am not sure how. I have no kids. I am guess it is because of a medicine I took or because i have irratable bowel syndrome. I hope he will be alright.
@Deane_2005 (1644)
• Philippines
3 Feb 07
My niece has been using diapers for 24 hours as well, her mom have spend so much money in his diapers, what's bad about it is that both of my niece are using diapers as well. Sometimes it was really costly if a child would just poo after changing it. I think it was really mom's greatest nightmare , there's son's diapers. It was costly and really expensive.
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@Jamian (2605)
• Philippines
30 Jan 07
that is good when he always pee, he is drinking a lot of water and its good for the body, but it is not good for your pocket, I think, practice him to have a regular pee before sleeping and wake him up in midnight to go to the bathroom.
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@rsa101 (15594)
• Quezon City, Philippines
27 Jan 07
I guess you have to let him pee before he goes to sleep. You should always remind him that peeing in bed is not good and will make your bed smell bad. Also, you try waking him up on the act of peeing and try to lecture him out while it is being committed no physical just plain lecture hehe. It worked for my son now he's the one reminding us that he needs to pee before he sleeps or else papa will get angry LOL!
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