High productivity has any link with the mandatory presence of workmen?

January 26, 2007 7:30am CST
ROWE - that stands for "Results-only work environment", a new programme shaped by BEST BUY a consumer electronics retailer that seeks to demolish the age old dogma that equates physical presence with productivity.According to BEST BUY,as long as the work is done and productivity is there,hours don't count.At IBM,AT&T and Sun micro systems,employees are happier and real estate expenses have shrunk, as employers realize that having every one present during the same hours is not necessary. From a news item from Newstarget.com
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29 Jan 07
What about meetings and team work?
• India
29 Jan 07
Mee4tings?Most of them are time stealers.As regards Team work,I'll tell you my own experience. I worked in a steel plant attached to the Blooming and Slabbing mills. I'm a quality control man from the Metallurgical department.My job is to see whether the Operation man is keeping the Bloom in side the soaking pit for a stipulated period so that it attains the plasticity required for further rolling into slabs. Operation man is a production oriented man.I look after the quality. In order to get a defect free slab, its mandatory to heat the Bloom for a stipulated period. But the operation man doesn't think so. He always tries to manipulate the temp dials to facilitate the early removal of the bloom from the soaking pit. This a problem since the birth of the universe.How can I team with such man.When the common interest of the quality man and the operation man are one,why this pulling and pushing in different directions should take place.Here the concept of team work will never work. As long as such wrong notions are made to prevail intentionally by the management,team work or no team work is not going to matter.Sticking to the respective jobs,assigned is more essential than team work.
31 Jan 07
I feel that you can have meetings to assist team work and team work can be very helpful. I have worked in software development and now I do software support. Both these are inter connected but when I talk about team work I meant in a very different manner. You spoke from a production sense, let me talk about it from that point. If two people who have jobs that are inter connected, i.e. A has to finish his work before B can start or they have to do part of the work together like A has to explain when he hands the thing to B. How can that be done without teamwork and meeting.
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27 Jan 07
I like this concept very much. If we demand the physical presence for a particular time period, employees are looking for the time period alone and not on productivity. If we introduce this concept I think this will reduce the production cost;will increase the productivity.
@peavey (16786)
• United States
26 Jan 07
ROWE is a very interesting concept. It's more natural for both workers and employers to deal in results, rather than just being in a particular place for X number of hours each day. Self employed people work on this basis all the time and it apparently works! By requiring a certain amount of time rather than a certain level of productivity, companies may feel more in control, but they're shooting themselves in the foot, in my opinion. I hope this trend continues to grow.