Discipline -- what is your opinion?

United States
January 26, 2007 9:31am CST
I was wondering about how people view punishing their children. I have seen parents to absolutely NOTHING to discipline their kids, and yet I've seen women haul off and slap their children right in the middle of a shopping mall. When I was younger, my mother never hit us. She just punished us. She found that taking away something that we really enjoyed was more effective than hitting. I would never hit my son, though I would punish him. I don't think that hitting a child ever has the result that a parent hopes it would. You can not beat a child into submission. If anything, showing them that kind of anger will make them even worse, in my opinion. I think that teaching a child right and wrong from the start is the key. I think that if you TEACH your child to behave from a young age, he will behave. What do you think?
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• United States
26 Jan 07
I grew up in an abusive home and belive me it doesnt work. I am a mother now and every time I have to discilplin my children I remember what it was like for me. I love my children and would never hurt them. I try to make the punishment fit the crime, although every child has a diferent way of learning and takes disciplin diferently, your have to do what works for your children. I dont belive smacking your kid in pulic or private is ever right, the most important thing is talking to your children, even the young ones understand if you use simple words. Make sure they know that through all of it you love them and that you are not taking things way to be mean but so that they can grow up to be a good kind person. It has worked for me so far, my kids are pretty good. All kids need a little time out every now and again but they can all be taught to be respectful and kind.
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26 Jan 07
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