What should i do with my brother??

January 26, 2007 11:59pm CST
I have an older brother but it seems that we're not related to each other. The way we talk, the way we interact. We are very far from each other and we're not closed. Some of my friends says that I am lucky to have an older brother. Because older brother protects their younger sister or brother. But it doesn't apply in my case. We share a relationship that is almost confusing. I know i love him very much and our situation hurts me a lot. I want to be close to him and share things to him like a normal brother-sister relationship. I wanna hug him and cry my heart out to him but it's not possible. He is often angry to me and often times we argue in little things. My mother says that I should value my brother most because he is the only brother i have. I do. But I can't show it to him because of our gap. It's not easy to reach that gap because of his attitude. I really want to be close to him. It hurts a lot when I think about this things. I love my brother and I want to show it to him and vice versa. What should i do??..
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• Philippines
27 Jan 07
Just relax. It needs time. Give him something and try not to argue with him as possible. Try to go out together and have some fun . Finally, tell him you want to be close to him, I think he would understand.