What is technorati?

@rhodilee (114)
January 28, 2007 9:41am CST
How can technorati boost the traffic of my blog?
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• United States
29 Jan 07
Technorati is a search engine that works exclusively with blogs. If you submit your blog to Technorati and let them know whenever you've just posted something, this is supposed to help more people to find your blog. And it enables you to find other blogs that post on subjects you're interested in, so you can get in touch with other bloggers who write on similar topics.
@mr_ilham (1611)
• Indonesia
25 May 07
technocrati is serach engine with traffic blog thank you see you http://mrezanailham.blogspot.com
• Serbia And Montenegro
30 Jan 07
When you submit the url of your blog to Technorati, including the feeds, then your blog is up to be listed on Technorati directory. Since Technorati has established its name in blogging world, people who are searching for some blogs related to your blog might also find your blog. This might increase your traffic.
• United States
28 Feb 07
I've been linking to other blogs and receiving traffic from technorati. Let me know if we can exchange links. http://technorati.com/profile/mslatinarenee
18 Mar 07
hi can you tell me how to exchange links with technorati blogs.
@rhodilee (114)
• Philippines
3 May 07
Hello, I want to exchange link with you, my blog is http://jobzonline.co.nr. Please do tell what your blogs are and their urls but I would prefer to link with your blogs that have the same category with my blog (how to make money, etc category). Thanks!
• United States
4 May 07
Check this link out for exchanging. http://iFancyIt.com/linkexchange
@lucalucky (1840)
• Italy
27 Feb 07
I have two blogs. One is listed in Technorati and one not. I hope it help but at the moment I can't see any difference. I am trying to see difference between them to undeerstand if Technorati really help. I am not sure.
• United States
28 Feb 07
I've claimed my blogs on technorati also. I've been linking to other blogs and recieving some traffic from there. Please contact me if your interested in exchanging links. http://technorati.com/profile/mslatinarenee
• United States
20 Jul 07
Technorati is a site that allows you to add your blog into their list of blogs, kind of like a directory. Once your blog is added, you can add a small code to it and people can add you to their technorati favorites. You will also be able to add them to yours. You get more exposure because you blog will be there for everyone to see and most people that put you into their technorati favorites, will visit your blog often. Technorati favorites is like a favorites button that you bookmark your favorite sites with, instead of this, you will be bookmarking your favorite blogs. You can also add a code to your blog so that you can have your favorites at your finger tips. I have been dealing with Technorati for a while and I love it. Once people add you to their favorites, they can also receive a small feed on Technorati that shows them your resent post. I check my technorati often and if I see a post that one of my favorites has made and I like it, you can be that I am going to go to their blog to read further on it. I hope that this helps you and good luck with your blog.
• United States
30 Jan 07
I have submitted 2 urls but have not figured out how to make it really work for me