most embarrasing situation you have ever faced.

January 28, 2007 11:45am CST
sometimes we get involved in such an activity which makes us feel embarrased in front of someone unknowingly and we just hate to discuss that situation in future
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@jewel76 (2305)
• Canada
28 Jan 07
I must've been about 15 yrs old. Me and my best friend had this major crush on this guy who lived on our street. It was already a few times we passed in front of his house bike riding, and we didn't want to make it obvious (like it wasn't already LOL) so we pretended to go to my aun't house, and came back with bags stuffed with "vegetables" from her garden (they were stuffed with other bags to make them look full) and of course, to go back home, we had to pass in front of the guy's house again. He was outside, and so was his entire family, when my wheel caught my best friend's bicycle wheel and we both fell...on the bags...we wanted to sink into the ground. Of course they all started laughing.
@patrice7 (1192)
• United States
28 Jan 07
well actually ive had many embarassing moments and i am going to share some of them to you.. ' once when we were mountain climbing i got into a funny embarassing situation.. well me and my friends were running towards lake venado.. and then i cannot control my legs and gravity is pulling me and my heavy bag down so instead of running down, it turned out to be rolling down for me.. i looked so ridiculuos and my companion was laughing uncontrolably at me.. grrr... it was really embarrasing.. the same also happened to me but this time its even more embarrasing as my boyfriend was the witness and he gave me a hard time because he always teases me about it.. and my friends also teases me..