Foods that are safe for a 1 year old?

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January 28, 2007 1:45pm CST
I am just wondering what foods are safe to feed my 1 year old? He does NOT have any known food allergies that we know of. I was thinking graham crackers, noodles, rice... Any other suggestions would be appreciated! :) Also, all decent responses (more than one line) will get a positive rating! :) Thanks for reading.
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29 Jan 07
How many teeth does your baby have? There is a food on the market that you can give a baby that actually melts in their mouth. It is by Gerber I believe. My grandkids loved them. Cut up a ripe banana into small sections. The banana is soft and easily chewed by t a little one with few teeth.
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30 Jan 07
I have started him on "adult foods" :) I wanted to start him on foods that we eat as he can SEE that mommy and daddy eats it too.
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17 Mar 07
My one year old started off on the gerber graduates meals. Those are great portion wise and the food size is good too. She also ate cubed carrots, peas, green beans, corn, butterbeans, kiwi fruit, cut up strawberries, bananna pieces, cut up mango and peaches, and cut up grapes. I started her on like pea size pieces and now she is 16 months and eating bigger sized things. I also feed her toast, granola bars, cereal that's been in milk to make it soft, cut up cheese, noodles, small pieces of pork chops and chicken, lunch meat, and casseroles that I make. She eats what we eat for supper. I just cut it up for her. She now has four top teeth and four bottom teeth and so I give her bigger and harder things to eat. When she first started eating table foods I made sure they were really small and soft.
@Gemmygirl1 (2870)
• Australia
16 Mar 07
I don't have a 1 year old but my daughter is 9 months old, she eats EVERYTHING, the things i have found were easy for her to eat & things she liked were noodles, pasta, mashed potato (we always leave the skin on & she picks it up on her own - messy but all good), she also likes strips of steak - she doesn't chew it as such but she sucks on it & gnaws at it with her 2 little teeth! Try some toast - whether you put just butter on there or something else - then cut off the crusts & then slice it in to 3 or 4 stips - well maybe just cut the toast in half for a 1 year old. You could also try untoasted bread with jams or other spreads on there. I'm not sure where you are so you might not know what i'm on about (I'm in Aus) but you can try most things! Oh, my daughter LOVES oranges, peel an orange, pull it in to is separate pieces & give your son 1 piece at a time - my daughter can almost finish a whole orange in 1 sitting - it's easy & good for them!
@Sissygrl (10915)
• Canada
12 Feb 07
I think that at one he should be eating just about anything, there are a few things that kids shouldnt have till afte rthey are two.. Like honey, because of some enzimes in it that could make them sick, and peanut butter, because they could choke on it. and of course common sense should be used, like obviously no shellfish, anything with bones, that sort of stuff. I remember feeding my stepson lots of chicken fingers, and baby carrots, things he can eat with his fingers, and arranging them in shapes on his plate, that helped him think of eating as fun.
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5 Feb 07
I use to give my kids those little Gerber bites foods. Those one's that are for toddlers. It depends on how many teeth you 1 year old has. I use to mash the food up so that it was easier for them to swallow. Those other things you came up with are great also. I found that my kids would eat anything as long as it was mashed up.
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5 Feb 07
My son is 11 months old and eats almost everything that his siblings do. He loved spaghetti O's, macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken noodle soup, cut up bananas, pancakes, basically he will try anything once. Last night we were at a Super Bowl party and he ate 7 mini meatballs. We are just really careful to cut things small enough for him to chew.
@manmaxman (850)
• India
4 Feb 07
dear i dont have any idea about baby cair but i think light food is good for it
@selina0625 (1383)
• Philippines
3 Feb 07
Since your baby is already 12 months old/1 year old, then he/she is ready to eat almost anything.But here are the food recommended by which are best to be given to babies 10-12 months old.For cereals and grains you can give your child pastas,wheat cerals and bagels.For fruits you give berries,grapes and citrus fruits.For veggies you can give beets,atichokes,cucumber,spinach and tomatoes.For protein sources you can give egss and fish.And of course,still give your child milk.
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29 Jan 07
in the baby section they have special toddler food. otherwise hot dogs cut real small, cheerios are good foods to.
@catherIN (430)
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29 Jan 07
Mashed potatoes, pudding, jello,and oatmeal are fine for a 1 year old.If he has teeth, some cereals like Rice Crispies or Cheerios. Years ago, I saw a list of foods that should not be fed to children under 2.It listed foods that children had been known to choke on.I know some people feed those to kids anyway.I can't remember the whole list.Some things I remember are: peanut butter,lettuce, raisins,hot dogs Hope that helps.
@cjthedog64 (1553)
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29 Jan 07
DS is 13 months and eats pretty much everything except nuts and shellfish (allergens). He prefers things like applesauce, peaches, bananas, grapes (cut up), cheese, chicken, steak, fish, rice, mushrooms, pasta, green beans, peas, sweet potatoes, bread. Well, I guess he prefers just about everything except mashed potatoes. He has 16 teeth, so that helps with his chewing.
• Ireland
28 Jan 07
It is such a long time since I had a one year old. I remember that it was very difficult to get them to eat ordinary food, even though I minced it up for them. I then introduced them to the Heinze tinned food and they loved it. It proved to be quite expensive, but at leat they were getting a variety of food and they were eating. All are now grown up and married and in the best of health.