Do you like to watch commercials/advertisements on tv?

@greengal (4288)
United States
January 28, 2007 10:35pm CST
If you do, then this is a must see site : In the end of December there was a show on tv which showed the best and funniest ads for 2006 from all over the world. It was simply hilarious and my hubby and I were in splits from all that laughing after the show. I often go to this site when I'm down and a funny advertisement instantly lightens up my mood. :) Check it out I'm sure it will make your day!! Enjoyyyy!
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@lonewolfnan (4367)
• Canada
29 Jan 07
The only commercials I like are the ones that are meant to be funny.Often I will tape my shows and speed thru the commercials as some are just plain insulting of our inteligence.
@hezoid (2149)
7 Mar 07
no, becuase UK ones are really boring at best and totally irritating at worst! You only very occasionally get a clever or funny one. I also find the volume is louder during the adds which makes them even more annyoing, and while they give an opportunity to put the kettle on or go to the loo, most come on too frequently and just interrupt my program!
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@weemam (13377)
8 Mar 07
I love adverts especially these funny ones .I sometimes think its better fun watching the adds than watching the actual TV lol xx
@weemam (13377)
8 Mar 07
ps liked the one with the bear and the salmon lol xx
@wolfie34 (26793)
• United Kingdom
11 Mar 07
No I hate them! I begrudge it when you really get into a programme and then suddenly the adverts come on! That is so annoying, Sky is the worst especially when Stargate comes on, there are so many breaks during Stargate! Although I do use the breaks as an excuse to go to the toilet, make myself a coffee or check my emails, so they're not all bad I suppose (grudgingly!)