we often find things to winge about our partners..

@yanjiaren (9050)
January 29, 2007 10:37am CST
but wouldn't it be nice to see the wonderful things that make them special to nus? here is a list of at least ten things i can find about hubby that make me so maly in love with him.. o.k the first one you may find a bit biase..sorry don't mean it to be that way lol.. 1. he is a strapping chinese guy with an incy sraggy moustache i made him grow lol. 2. extremely caring in times of stress.. 3. not romantic but terribly reliable. 4. always tries to make me happy..especially when it come to food. 5. very intelligent and politically savvy..good for that good old debate. 6. always apologises after a pissy mode. 7. very cuddly an affectionate..does not just roll over after making love.!!!..very important that one. 8. cooks a wicked bowl of noodles. 9. has a generous heart and good ideals.. 10. he likes to kiss my greek nose!!!! now what ten things make you crazy about your loved one and pleae can you share it with us..
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@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
29 Jan 07
Okay. where do I begin here, LOL? 1. He is very kind to me and my daughter. 2. He is a very good provider. 3. He loves me and my daughter. 4. He is never in a bad mood. 5. There is nothing he wouldn't do for me and my daughter. 6. He has a heart of gold. 7. He makes me laugh and smile. 8. He understands me more than most. 9. He tries to listen to what I have to say. 10. He is the only one who tried to make me feel special.
@yanjiaren (9050)
29 Jan 07
make that two..i think you are special lol..i like the one where you say he listnes to you lol..my ex always used to say shut up woman..i hated that heheehhe
@kerbausama (1336)
• Malaysia
29 Jan 07
well nothing is perfect for someone..i thinkunderstanding is very important here to make sure both side are equally benefits and can live proper.Its not behavior or the money can give a good relationship only but also the principal that we must hold on to.We cannot live by simply put the reason and the problems on our brain or his brain,Just share..i crazy for nathing about my lover because i think maybe i understand her.