Babar *King of the ellyphants*

January 29, 2007 8:27pm CST
Recently my wife and i bought our 8 month old boy, a box set of dvds "Babar *king of the ellyphants". I can't believe how much i've missed this show, as a kid i loved it. now i'm enjoying catching up, sadly i've already caught up with what we've got. lol =) Are there anyone else who likes this cartoon? What i like about it is the the blend of style. It touches on things other cartoons at the time wouldn't, like barbars mother who got killed by an hunter. (not many cartoons except bamby have done this in away which makes kids want to continue watching) another thing is the humour and addition music which makes it so unqiue. I love barbar.. =) ~Joey P.s i thankful even more to my son.. i think might steal 'em if i get a chance whahah haha =)
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@wolfie34 (26793)
• United Kingdom
14 Feb 07
Phew, now you've said that can I safely come out and admit to the fact that I love Thomas The Tank Engine? I used to work in a nursery, yeah I know a bloke working in a nursery, well I love children and I'm fully qualified to do so, but anyhow I digress. They had a tv and video and when it was raining outside once the children were upset so I found a lovely Thomas The Tank Engine video which I put on for them, the kids loved it, but I think it was me who enjoyed it the most and I was actually disappointed when we had to turn it off for the children to go and have lunch! (sssh I don't admit this to everyone!)
15 Feb 07
Hehe.. I've never liked thomas! My wife a fully trained nursery nurse + player worker. It's good job and i can respect you more for saying it because i'd love to do it. As you probably know i'm proud parent and i love other peoples children to. In fact i love running around chasing after them! (if they can walk) lol.. Thanks for sharing this wolfie. =) P.s i can see why you don't.. hehe joke ~Joey
@Bizziebod (3526)
15 Feb 07
Oh I used to love watching this with my daughter and it was one of her favourite programs when she was younger! She used to have the soft toy version too although I do recall she didn't like that much as it didn't speak!
30 Jan 07
omg that is so mean, you wouldnt really steal them lol ;) personally i used to watch it if it was on, but i wouldnt go out of my way to watch it. i do agree though some of the subjects that the makers of the show touched upon were very unique...therefore introducing the shows young audience (apart from you) to new topics...a good show though, i would probably have my kids watch this though lol
30 Jan 07
I sure would. (if jake don't like it, then it'll be all mine) evil laugh. I wouldn't say i went out of way as a kid, now i'm older i respect the show alot more. (i really liked it) noe i (really, really, really like) Thanks for posting and helping to pass the word of babar. (more people should remember this classic) ~joey P.s i'm planning on buying the books to for jake. (i mean myself)